2 Kallang Ave, #01-08/13 CT HUB, Singapore 339407

Locaba Low-carb Bakery Singapore


LOCABA is a low-carb bakery based in Singapore that produces cakes and desserts that are good for your health and help you stay in shape. They do this by not adding any table sugar, using gluten-free and grain-free ingredients, and using low-carb nutrition. Not only do they have lower carbohydrates, they also make sure that their desserts are high in valuable proteins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. All their cakes are vegetarian friendly. Some are also vegan, which means they don’t contain any animal-derived substances such as dairy or eggs.

What we did for Locaba

In this set of pictures taken in our food photography studio we made sure their cakes looks as good, or even better than any other cakes. Especially so with their selective usage of colourful fruits to create healthy yet tasty desserts and cakes.

Indulge their desserts to your hearts content with guilt-free delight!