3 Common Mistakes Restaurateurs make Photographing Food

If you want to be practical, you can say that it’s easy to take photos of your own food. But what makes things hard is exactly what makes you stand out from the rest – making these photos good and high quality. Here are three common mistakes that we’ve seen when people host photoshoots for their food.

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Why Photos are Necessary for Your Online Delivery Menu

Let’s be honest. We are not ourselves when we are hungry. Even more so when we can’t wait to order our food and get it delivered to our doorstep. So how do we keep our customers’ attention when every other ounce of patience is spent elsewhere? With so many online delivery platforms, it’s hard to stay competitive. But most of them make photos optional, and we think otherwise. A way to stand out is through good photos that do you justice, and here are reasons why.

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