Gerald Goh

Commercial Photographer

There is an old saying. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To Gerald, those thousand words exist in the complex relationship between subject, camera, and photographer.

Gerald’s expertise is people. He likes talking to his subjects and being with them. He speaks about how everyone is different, and therefore every subject requires a unique approach. His goal is to uncover an inner world, hidden behind the persona of his subject. For that, he will do whatever it takes. He puts on different personalities. Some flamboyant, some serious, all in service of finding that one little thing, that turns a good image into a great one. A stray smile. A subconscious glance. A wince, a twitch, a glow in the eyes. It’s different and elusive, every single time. But when he finds it, the image comes alive, giving us insight into the subject, showing the image in a whole new light.

His other endeavours have no doubt helped in his work. From a music instructor to a skateboarder. But the common thread among all facets of his being? The desire to create a real, genuine human connection. In film, there is such a thing as an ‘actor’s director’. In photography, Gerald would be the equivalent, if not more.

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