Seng Jueh

Film Director

Seng Jueh was a Film Director at The Smart Local, his role as a content creator stretches from project management, conceptualisation, Scripting, directing, shooting and producing, organic and branded videos for our Facebook and Youtube page. Seng Jueh previously worked at the Institute for Societal Leadership, Singapore Management University as a Video Producer. He develops, implements and manages video content for projects to support ISL’s initiatives in the Southeast Asia region.

NTUC FAIRPRICE | Where Daddy Is | TSL Short Films

Life will always be busy. Don’t forget to make time for your loved ones this Christmas. There’re 12 days after all!

Director/Editor: Lim Seng Jueh
Producer: Jessica Ong
Director of Photography: Dominic Shimizu
Featuring: Tham Yi Xuan, Kaitlyn Melissa, Charmaine Sew, Cavvy Chin & Lee Wei Lun
See the rest of the credits in the Youtube description.

EXPEDIA | 4 Years Later

There’s still hope for all forgetful boyfriends. Book your flights on Expedia and get up to 54% off hotels till your trip starts!

Video hit 140k views & #15 Trending in Singapore on Youtube.

Scriptwriter / Director: Lim Seng Jueh
Executive Producer / Producer: Jessica Ong & Jereld Ang
Director of Photography: Julian Reyes
OST Music & Lyrics: Lim Seng Jueh & Jereld Ang
Featuring: Xenia Tan & Lee Wei Lun
See the rest of the credits in the Youtube description.

WORLD VISION | Ethiopia Calling

This year, we initiated the first #TSLGivesBack project where we travelled to Ethiopia with World Vision to witness the impact of climate change and understand the solutions to combat it.

Partnership with World Vision

Director/Editor – Lim Seng Jueh
Host: Xenia Tan

Toggle Original Series – The 100 Dollar Nomad

Got a weekend, an adventurous spirit and a hundred dollars ? We fly Xenia, Fauzi and Zhin to 10 unexplored destinations with only $100 for food, activities and lodging. By chasing unreal landscapes and spending nights at unlikely abodes where no tourists go, the $100 nomads prove that budget stands in no way of a grand adventure. Watch the latest Episode of The 100 Dollar Nomad here!

The series aired in Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand & other region in Asia w/ Toggle, VIU OTT, Accion TV, True Vision & Outdoor Channel.

Director of Episode 1, 2, 3, 9 & 10: Lim Seng Jueh
Director of Episode 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: Julian Rafael Reyes
Executive Producer: Joyce Yang
Producers: Joyce Yang, Jessica Ong, Nicholas Yeam, Jereld Ang
Hosts: Xenia Tan, Zhin, Fauzi Aziz
2nd Cam/Photographers: John Lim, Alison Tan & Jacob Cai
Hosts: Xenia Tan, Zhin, Fauzi Aziz
Chief Editor: Huey Koh
Motion Graphic Artist: Julian Rafael Reyes, Pamela Png
Editors: Lim Seng Jueh, Julian Rafael Reyes, Tia Yurika Rosman, Dominic Shimizu, Lim Yun Qian
Commissioning Editors: Michelle Chang, Jolene Seah, Amannda Feng
Assistant Editors: Alison Tan, Jeslene Chia
Photo Team: Adria Tham, Huy Pham

Tan Swie Hian’s ASEAN 50 Sculpture

To celebrate the golden jubilee of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Institute for Societal Leadership at Singapore Management University, in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore is holding its 3rd Societal Leadership Summit on 6 October 2017 titled ASEAN 50.

Held at the Singapore Management University, ASEAN 50 will feature former ASEAN leaders as keynote speakers to discuss the past, present and future of ASEAN as a community.

A commemorative sculpture designed by cultural icon Tan Swie Hian will be erected to mark the special occasion.

The ASEAN 50 Sculpture will serve as a historical marker for Singapore to commemorate 50 years of peace and prosperity in the ASEAN region.

Director/Editor: Lim Seng Jueh
Producer: Donna Cheng

SCOOT | Pekanbaru – Hidden City 35 Mins From SG With Rainbow Hills And Secret Waterfalls

Scoot sent us on a getaway to Pekanbaru which is located in the heart of Riau, Indonesia and packed with hidden gems such as gorgeous waterfalls, valleys and even bat caves.

Director/Editor: Lim Seng Jueh
Host: Xenia Tan
Drone Operator: Daryl Goh

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